Ather Energy unveils the next generation of public fast chargers, with EV charging free till 2021.

Ather Charging

All-electric two-wheelers and electric four-wheelers can use the Ather Grid 2.0 quick-charging network, which is free until the end of December 2021.

Ather Energy, a local electric scooter company, has announced the debut of Ather Grid 2.0, the next generation of public rapid charging infrastructure. Over the current generation of Ather Grid, which has reached 21+ cities and 215+ locations, the new fast-charging infrastructure has expanded functionality and rapid charging capabilities. Earlier this year, Ather stated that its EV chargers would be available for all sorts of electric vehicles, with charging being free until 2021.

This public fast-charging network has already begun to be installed in Bangalore and Chennai, and it will soon be available across India. By the end of FY22, Ather Energy hopes to have added 500 Ather Grid locations, with all new installations being Ather Grid 2.0.

The Ather Grid 2.0 has been designed with the goal of making public charging more approachable and scalable, according to Ather Energy, which recently won the Electric Scooter of the Year award at the first Zee Auto Awards 2021 for the Ather 450X. Grid 2.0 will provide Over-the-Air upgrades, which will allow Ather Energy to deploy new features and problem fixes to all field systems in real time. It also has increased longevity due to the fact that it is engineered to withstand degradation, making it more ideal for installations in harsh environments.

In response to this development, “Ather Energy has been consistently focusing on growing and giving the greatest client experience,” stated Nilay Chandra, VP – Charging Infrastructure and Marketing. We will be able to achieve our goal of installing 500 fast-charging infrastructure by the end of this year thanks to the introduction of Ather Grid 2.0. All players who accept the connection standard will have access to our charging infrastructure, and we are in advanced discussions with multiple partners on this. This is the start of the Ather Grid network’s expansion for us, and it’s vital to make charging infrastructure accessible and convenient.

This is the start of the Ather Grid network’s expansion for us, and it’s vital to make charging infrastructure comfortable and accessible to consumers in order to increase electric vehicle adoption.”

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