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RGNT No.1 Classic inspired by Yamaha RX100 debuts in US & Europe.

RGNT is a Swedish electric two-wheeler manufacturer is going to launch an e-Bike called RGNT No.1 Classic, in the United States and Europe in 2020. The company has now released an improved version of the RGNT No.1 Classic. The design is eerily similar to the legendary Yamaha RX100, which is no longer seen on roads.

The 2021 model adds a round LED headlamp, a teardrop-shaped fuel tank, a single-piece bench seat, and classic spoke wheels to the mix. More importantly, the company can now release over-the-air updates thanks to the new Bike Control Unit included with this model.

When it comes to performance, it features a new 9 kW electric motor with an 11 kW peak power output. It has a top speed of 125 kilometres per hour. A 7.7 kWh lithium-ion battery pack powers the bike and provides a range of up to 160 kilometres on a single charge. The front telescopic forks were also updated to be more shock-absorbing.

For added safety, it has a Combined Braking System (CBS). While the RGNT No.1 Classic is designed in a retro-style modern classic style, it also comes in a Scrambler version with a slightly different design.
The price of the RGNT No.1 Classic is 12,495 Euros. The high price tag is due to the fact that the entire bike is hand-built in Sweden.

The bike commands a huge premium in terms of pricing, even for a battery-powered two-wheeler. This is due to the fact that the entire motorcycle is hand-built in Kungsbacka, Sweden. The motorcycle, which was first introduced in 2020, is already on the market in Europe and the United States.

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