The EPA figures for the Audi e-tron S SUV, S Sportback, and Q4 e-tron are now out!


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Audi e-tron S SUV, S Sportback, and Q4 e-tron EPA numbers are now available- To be clear, it isn’t terrible, but it isn’t great either:


  • e-tron S SUV: 73MPGe. 462wh/mi. 208 mile range. (20″ wheels)

  • e-tron S SUV: 63MPGe. 535wh/mi. 181 mile range. (21″ wheels)

  • e-tron S Sportback: 75MPGe. 449wh/mi. 212 mile range. (20″)


It’s worth noting that Audi and Porsche don’t appear to place a high priority on maximising EPA range. In the actual world, their range is typically 20-30% higher, and expect that to be the case here as well.

A tri motor SUV start at $85k-$90k

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