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On Monday, Foxconn, the maker of the iPhone, will unveil three electric automobiles. Here’s how they’ll appear.

Can Foxconn be the Android to Tesla’s Apple?  As they are looking at making EVs in Europe, India and Latin America.

On Monday, Foxconn, Apple’s iPhone manufacturer, will reveal three electric vehicles. In a video, it previewed the new EVs, but we’ll learn more during the announcement on Monday. A bus, a sedan, and an SUV are all in the works at Foxconn.

We’ve known for a while that Foxconn, the Taiwanese electronics conglomerate that manufactures Apple’s iPhone, is interested in entering the electric-car market. On Monday, we’ll learn a little more about what the corporation has planned.

Foxconn teased three new electric vehicles in a video released last week, which it promises to unveil on October 18 during its Hon Hai Tech Day. The electric vehicle market is heating up as startups, traditional car makers, and tech businesses, such as Foxconn, make large investments on a future without gas-powered vehicles.

A black automobile with smooth full-width light bars spanning across the front and rear is shown in the video. A Pininfarina logo can be found near the front fender, indicating that the legendary Italian design studio that has fashioned several Ferraris and Maseratis was involved in the car’s creation.

Although the vehicle is scarcely visible in the video, Foxconn did show off the two other vehicles it is developing: an SUV and a bus. The EVs are manufactured by Foxconn under the Foxtron name.

The electronics giant isn’t simply working on its own electric vehicles. It’s been making deals left and right in the car business as it becomes increasingly evident that electric vehicles are the industry’s future.

Foxconn said in September that it will pay $230 million for the Ohio facility of electric-truck startup Lordstown Motors. As part of the agreement, Foxconn will take over production of Lordstown’s first vehicle. Starting in 2023, the business will collaborate with Fisker, another EV startup, to produce its vehicles.



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