Tatung is considering building electric buses

Tatung president Chaney Ho () announced at an electro mobility trade conference in Taipei yesterday that the company plans to enter the software and hardware design sector for electric vehicles (EVs).

According to Ho, the company has long been a manufacturer of EV components, particularly motors, and plans to grow the branch and offer powertrain solutions, particularly for buses.

“Tatung has been an EV motor partner since 2006,” he noted, “but we lacked a complete powertrain solution.” “Our powertrain development collaboration with the Industrial Technology Research Institute () is paying off, and we’ve already received orders for our 250-kilowatt (kW) powertrain.”

He also mentioned that the company is working on a 330kW powerplant.

Tatung is targeting electric buses as a first market for its products. Despite the fact that the Taiwanese market is limited, with just about 16,000 units sold each year, he estimates that global demand for electric buses is at least 2 million units per year.

Tatung intends to leverage the Taiwanese market to launch its worldwide ambitions. He also stated that the company intends to integrate its yet-to-be-developed powertrain with a bus chassis and export the technology.

“We intend to mass-produce and design our 330kW powertrain into commercial logistics vehicles next year,” Ho stated.

Tatung also intends to branch out into EV software and hardware design, according to Ho.

Ho, on the other hand, is wary about the idea of mass production in Taiwan.

He suggested that the company instead concentrate on producing components in the United States and assembling the automobiles elsewhere, such as in Southeast Asia.

“It would also be an excellent opportunity for us to increase our strategic presence in Southeast Asian countries,” he added.


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