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The ICOMA Tatamel, A 21st Century Folding Electric Motocompo Concept is Ready to be Your Last-Mile Companion.

The ICOMA Tatamel Bike

ICOMA Tatamel, a Japanese startup, has unveiled a cute folding electric minibike that fits under most desks. It measures 1230 millimeters in length by 1000 millimeters in height, with a breadth of 650 millimeters when unfolded.

The dimensions are 48.42 inches long, 39.37 inches tall, and 25.59 inches wide. It’s only 700 mm long, 680 mm tall, and 260 mm broad when folded, or 27.55 inches long, 26.77 inches tall, and 10.2 inches wide. Weight specifications are not yet available. Tatamel Bike, as you might expect from its appearance, isn’t designed to move very quickly. The top speed is expected to be less than or equal to 40 km/h (24.8 mph). That seems reasonable, given that the original Motocompo’s top speed was roughly 30 mph. The battery on the Tatamel Bike is a lithium iron phosphate unit with a 12Ah capacity and a range of less than or equal to 50 kilometers (or 31 miles). The implication is that you can simply plug it in to charge it like you already do with your laptop, phone, and other ordinary electrical gadgets because it’s so little and easy to park anyplace. While you can’t buy one just yet, a garage kit 1/12-scale replica is presently available for 6600 yen ($58). A miniature Tatamel bike for on top of your desk, and hopefully a full-sized one for under your desk in the not-too-distant future. Watch here. 

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